Kimberly Lankford

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford answers your questions about managing money -- specifically, insurance and taxes -- twice a week.

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What Long-Term Care Costs Now

The national median rate for a private room in a nursing home rose more than 4% last year, to $240 per day.

Stacy Rapacon

Starting Out

Real-world advice for those starting their financial lives.

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10 Financial Commandments for Your 30s

After establishing a solid financial foundation in your 20s, use the next decade of your life to keep building and protecting your wealth.

Cameron Huddleston

Kip Tips

A daily dose of actionable insights, culled from the latest Kiplinger content and from across the web, to help you make and save more money.

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12 Ways to Save Money by Going Green

Take these steps on Earth Day and every other day to benefit the environment and your pocketbook.

Anjelica Tan

Stock Watch

The Kiplinger investing team identifies stocks and market trends that you and your portfolio can't ignore.

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Why It May Be Too Early to Write Off Apple

The stock is cheap, and the company’s growth prospects could be better than investors think.

Miriam Cross

Fund Watch

The Kiplinger investing team tracks the latest news and trends in mutual fund investing.

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A Muni Fund That Pays More

USAA Tax Exempt Intermediate-Term takes on a little more risk to pick up extra yield.

Steven Goldberg

Value Added

Steve Goldberg delivers must-read investing insights every Tuesday.

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Don’t Bet Against Warren Buffett

Not only is the Oracle of Omaha as sharp as ever, his company, Berkshire Hathaway, is trading at a discount

Sandra Block

Tax Tips

Our experts will count down moves to make to lower your tax bill.

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Tax Tips for Last-Minute Filers

How to file for an extension (and whether you even need to), getting in a few more deductions and other key advice as April 15 approaches.

Jane Bennett Clark

Rethinking Retirement

Kiplinger's retirement experts help you navigate major issues affecting how to plan for retirement.

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Social Security Smarts

If a job seems unpleasant at 61, it can seem downright intolerable at 62 because now you have the option of taking Social Security.

Knight Kiplinger

Money & Ethics

Knight Kiplinger delivers definitive answers to ethical challenges involving money at home and in the office.

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Government Reparations for Oppressive Acts

It is ethically dubious for descendants of oppressed peoples to seek reparations for wrongs done to their forebears, to be paid by contemporaries not responsible for long-ago sins.

Janet Bodnar

Money Smart Kids

Editor Janet Bodnar tackles tricky money-management topics for parents and their children.

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How Parents Are Teaching Kids About Money

Surveys show that most parents are helping their children learn to be financially responsible, but there is room for improvement.

Jessica L. Anderson

Drive Time

Jessica Anderson steers you toward good deals on wheels.

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Best Cars for Families

Our top picks get high scores in our annual rankings plus a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Cash in Hand

Jeff Kosnett reports on the fixed-income side of investing.

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The Great Bond Shortage

Big businesses don't need to borrow much when they can easily tap their bulging cash coffers.

David Morris

Washington Matters

Keen analysis and fresh reporting on the latest political developments affecting your business – from the editors of the Kiplinger letters.

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The GOP’s Uphill Fight for the White House

Bitter primary battles ahead plus tough Electoral College math pose big challenges.

David Payne

Practical Economics

The Kiplinger Letter’s economics team helps you make sense of the latest economic data and trends.

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New Fed Chief, New Unemployment Approach

With Janet Yellen’s greater emphasis on slack in the labor market, part-time grocery worker Vicki Lira is the new face of Fed policy.

James K. Glassman

Opening Shot

James Glassman writes monthly about economic and investing trends.

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5 Tactics That Help Patient Investors Prosper

Behavior determines investment success or failure -- not knowledge or skill or luck.

Janet Bodnar

From the Editor

Straightshooting personal-finance guidance from editor Janet Bodnar.

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How We Pick the Kip 25

For this year's roster of our favorite no-load mutual funds, the toughest calls involved some of the best performers.

Knight Kiplinger

My Point of View

Tap into the mind of Kiplinger editor-in-chief Knight Kiplinger.

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A College Degree Isn’t Enough

An increasing number of employers have grown skeptical of traditional credentials.

Anne Kates Smith

Your Mind, Your Money

Discover how investor psychology and behavioral finance affect your portfolio and your bottom line.

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Wanted: Bubble Detector

Data from investors' brain activity, prices, trading volume and social-media chatter help detect an overpriced stock market.

Jeremy J. Siegel

Going Long

Jeremy Siegel writes about investing for the long run.

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Is the Bull Market Over?

With today's low interest rates, it makes sense that price-earnings ratios should be higher than average.

Kathy Kristof

Practical Investing

Follow columnist Kathy Kristof as she shares lessons from her real-life investment portfolio.

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The Upside of Down Stock Markets

In the event of a crash, take the opportunity to trigger big capital losses and restructure your portfolio at the same time.

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