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8 Ways New Car and Highway Technology Will Change Your Life

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Automakers are introducing mind-boggling technology that will see cars parking and driving themselves, leaving their "drivers" free to -- what else -- safely surf the Internet while on the move.

Earlier vehicular innovations "were all mechanical," says Egil Juliussen of iSuppli Corp., a market research firm specializing in automotive technology trends. Now, increasingly, they're digital and "happening in a shorter time frame," he says.

Smart cars could also be the key to winning back younger buyers -- the 20- and 30-somethings who are abandoning car ownership, no longer seeing it as a mark of independence and financial success. Their passion for technology, combined with greater driving convenience of autonomous cars, may draw them back.

Here's a peek at what's coming just a few years down the road.

8 Ways New Car and Highway Technology Will Change Your Life

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